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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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in 1974 i opened a store and it's kind of a hippie thing i went on from there selling birds and a trying to do what i thought was right and i think it's time for me to give back to the city. i know how to rehome animals and work with people. and i have a business accepts and that's basically, it >> thanks. supervisor cowen >> could you audible the investigations and angelss that
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surround you with animal cruelty. >> last year supervisor campos brought it up he heard some allegation and i don't know what it was about he didn't either. so right after the meeting i went 0 down to ac c and talked to the captain. and she looked at through envy record and she said it's a normal thing you get complaints about the store. every year i get 50 or 60 though people a year. i have my report right here. a little bit over once a year i get a complaint and that's it >> can you give us an example
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of what are the nature of the complaints. >> okay. this is a type of parrot. an inspector came in and i woke the bird up. we all get complaints up here. but you've never been found guilty never been a fine levied
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against you >> no. >> thank you very much mr. chair. >> our office has received a number of complaints on vicious dangers what are some improvements you'll make. >> i don't hear that vicious what? >> dangers. >> that's a hard one. animal control takes care of of it. if a dog is threatening it should be put down i mean, if $0.31 it's really vicious that's how i think >> is that it? >> next person on the agenda.
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>> no, i want to thank you for allowing me to be here today. i've been involved in san francisco in this form or fashion for 15 years >> you want to pull that closer. >> wow. that's funny. i've been involved in rescue for the better part of 15 years. i currently run founded and run my own rescue we concentrate on black cats and dangers. that's the experience i think i'd like to speak about today
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it's brought me a lot of experience so far as relationships with variance and shelter and directors with the management of the volunteers in foster homes. it's been a big lesson in the last 3 years how to inexact with people and how i think it translates to service open the commission we say collaborate, coordinate and do it with reason. those are elements i would bring to this position if it were to happen >> okay. thank you.
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any questions >> i'll ask you the same question. complaints we get at my office on vicious and danger dangers what would you do with the issues >> i think dangerous and vicious are different terms. there's a reason for the viciousness and my personal belief would be as the other gentleman said animal control has a pretty good permeate bus there's always room for assessment and improvement. i think that off the top of my head i think it's a case by case
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basis. but that mind the safety of the population would obviously come first >> what motivated you to get into the program. >> i was actually recruited by the demeanor at the time. and i got involved because i went out into my background and a there were a lot of eye' d staring up at me and so i get the animals fixed. i still work with the spc a but
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that's where it begins with me. although my mother will tell you i was always dragging home a a stray cat >> could you talk about what you see the role of the animal commission and welfare being. >> i can say what i've observed. the law animal community rescues veterans also so they i see it
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as a up to the present time to participate and to in a civilian capacity and to i know u, you know, bring whatever experience one has to the commission hopefully - i'm sorry. i'm nervous. i've never done this before. to hopefully improve upon our cities policy and procedures with regards to our animals wide and domestic. does that make sense? okay >> i'm trying to understand if you have a deep understanding as to what you're asking to get yourself into. i'm looking at your experience
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in the rescue but i'm trying to understand if you understand the mission the purpose of this body and the greater picture of san francisco. so how does. welfare hem shape policy when it comes to animals care in san francisco. convince me, you know what you're doing >> at any time simple; right? >> at any time my understanding the commission puts forgot idea it's discussed and presents it to supervisors after consideration there's a decision made and then it's presented to you for further consideration. >> thank you. >> seeing no other questions thank you very much.
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next person on agenda is laura. are you here? russel? >> good afternoon and thank you for allowing me this opportunity. i'm a proud pit bull guardian. my work experience make that he precisely the type of san francisco person for the job. i studied animal rights and welfare i was fortunately studying underneath experienced
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folks concerning animals. i used my studies to work in the protection and welfare business. i use my korean influence to be the kind of individual this requires. i have countless meetings i've attended and it gives me insight. i was the director at the oce ocean oceanic society. and perhaps my volunteer experience i'm the most proud of and why i'm extremely qualified to serve. i first encountered animals in
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the pause weekly because i like that service. i've witnessed time and time again how the pause program has helped folks. my dire work helps me to be able to answer a variety of questions. i must have a good working knowledge of the animals laws and regulations. part of my desire to serve on this stems from my volunteer experience at pause. both my experience helps me to be part of the solution. my volunteer duties were on the editorial board and i'm a heart
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ambassador for the association. i'd like to use those commitments to serve on the animal control and welfare. i'm a pit bull guardian this is the manyxpernces and just as a person that's living with a dog in general. those are some of the things i want to accomplish. despite san francisco being a guardian for pit bulls i want to continue to have micro chip and other technologies for dangers and other animal. i would like to explore where citizens can comploir the regulations are being served through websites and sober
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media. i want to comploir the adoption programs. those extremely helpful in providing education opportunity and businesses can bring in a new customer basis. i've been commented to animal protection my whole life i'll continue to volunteer and decade my life to animal welfare and protection. however, if you decide to elect media i'll work diligently and tirelessly for the animals. thank you. again >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i appreciate the written statement. now i want you to speak to me from your heart and move me why
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i should support your candidacy >> i thought it was moving auto i i know that's what happens when i have an astounding resume. i'm experiences and commented to the animals of san francisco and the people who live with them >> see wasn't that better? >> thank you thank you very much. >> no questions. >> thank you. >> next person agenda. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm the current chairman on the pedestrian advisory committee and this is my second time of
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appearing here. i've been involved in the animal issues in san francisco. i have a golden retriever. also work on animal welfare issues i used to work in the san francisco mayor's office and now for the department of elections downstairs. i can answer any questions i am a hard worker and would like to work on the animal control issues >> can you tell me specifically what policies you're working to get implemented or working on. >> well, i mentioned i have a golden receiver. unfortunately, he get beat up at the park by vicious animals.
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and one of the things i see people who do this as a living bring 10 dangers and don't pay attention so i think this would go a long way for those dog-walkers who bring dangers and don't take care of them >> can dog walk erica legally walk what's the number 6? >> 8 dangers. it's a test from the podium i know you all know >> okay 8 you pass. and any other questions? >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> wait, wait i have some more.
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mr. marks your active do you have time to take on another responsibility. >> i have a seasonal position at the department so i'm available. >> you mentioned the pedestrian safety is that a c ic. >> yes and how often does that body meet. >> that's a monthly meeting. >> thank you very much. >> sally stevens. >> - i've served on the animal control for 6 years and i would consider it a great honor and i hope you'll elect me.
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to find the information valuable you horrify i have a ph.d. asia a journalist i spend time explaining things to the public. i can share information and joint resolution just as a example i abandon the clawing of cats policy. and this includes the support of the legislation and arguments against the legislation and other cities policies. the abandon is passed and now law. i'll prepare similar packets for the commission and you. six months after being appoint i was the chair.
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there's a lot of administrative details and with 40 no budget so i prepared the minutes for the public and intakd with other city departments. i take the office of the chair very seriously. in 2345079 i was appointed by the commission to the oversight committee. i've served as a bridge to welfare advocates and zoo officials. i bring the concerns to the zoo officials and relay their concerns back to the public. i've seen animal wellness at the zoo. i've about been a chair of the san francisco dog group it's a
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nonprofit that advocates dog ownership. at sf doggy developed cooperation dog training workshops and that's including horses and rec center staff would better understand what's a threatening dog and what's not. and kids read the dog pilot dangers with the clubs. like we have been i love animal. you can judge a society by how it treats dangers. and i'm happy to answer questions and a ms. stevens thank you very much for reaching out to my off the although i
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wasn't able to sit down with you but i like the opportunity to get a one-on-one. and this was very smart and since you're a ph.d. in fifz. i have the baby dog patch and invitation valley and within district 10 a part of medical care clarn park is part of the district as well as mckinney square which is a lightning rod concerning kids and spray park has similar issues. i've been instrumental in
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getting a new dog park created inside in the dog patch neighborhood. so it's a long way to say that i would be curious to get our thoughts and maybe you have thoughts on bringing the peace to imagine a old thoughts on children and sharing our parks with animals. i like to call common courtesy and common sense. if you have a dog that and come www call don't have it off a leash. you don't let our dog run up to people they don't know.
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pickup after your dog. a lot of what happens in parks is due to people not thinking. not being aware. so any kind of education about the responsible dog ownership we have a park pet it's like the 10 things you should do if the park. this was done about 8 years ago now but we put them up in the city parks so it might be a good push again. one thing i'd love to see i'd like to talk about dog training in the rec centers. people don't have cars and they can't afford dog trainers so i'd
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like to see the training in the parks so the neighborhood folks would walk and get the training it would be like 78 or $10 but i want issues like that when you ban things through enforcement it makes people mad. but if you have common courtesy and don't let our dog run up to folks they don't know and also your kids. it's common sense and common courtesy. there are unfortunately, some irresponsibility on folks. but the idea is how can we minimize people who do that out of dporns or be stupidity and
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peer pressure can >> don't get me going. >> i feel your thoughtful answers and a i'd be pleased to support our candidacy today. >> welcome to this friendly meeting. >> yes. >> you've been on the commission for 6 years what's motivating our compassion to continue. >> partly it's actually interesting. there's an element of intellectual curiosity. but right now outside of me
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because two people who were appointed have decided not to reply this year so outside of me the next person has been on the commission for 2 years maybe 3 so i think it's nice to have some consistency and institutional memory. i feel i can make a contribution an varies subjects. the issue of the zoo i feel i've made a good relationship and there's a lot more work to be done. so we actually have a little bit of success and wonder what else can i work on and make a significant difference and any other questions. seeing none, thank you very much
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>> next person is ryan young. >> so that completes all the - who am i missing. >> who am i missing. >> i just called him. please step up >> okay ryan where are you? my public comment at this point? you have two minutes >> good luck with those appointments here tonight. make sure that those animals they bark they don't bite. we keep them really alive all
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the animals dancing in the moon light all the animal. feeling good and right. and the items going to turnout right. and we're going to see the animals right in the light. sdaung in the moon light. make the animals rights that turnout right. it's a fin and city nature site. all the animals sdaung in the moon light. i know you'll control them and make sure they dead on arrival won't bark and bite. dancing in the animal moon light. make them turn this item right >> thank you. any other public comments. seeing none,